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NEW QPSMR Companion version 2019.1 software available now!

For more details about QPSMR Companion 2019.1 use the link below.

QPSMR What's New

Merging Multis

As well as being able to merge (hand-in) responses from a CSV file by matching texts, QPSMR Companion can now merge multiple 1s.

If you have data for a multi-coded question split across several columns in your CSV file – that is a column for every response, headed with the question name, but all containing code 1s - when using [Merge data files …] QPSMR Companion will hand the 1 responses from each column into the relevant response for the multi-coded question in your QDF file. For example, a 1 in the third column will be handed into response 3 of the multi-coded question.

QPSMR Companion Merging Multis

Block Rename

Often a simple solution can save the most time! There is now a [Block] facility on the “Entry rename” dialog box, so you can quickly change entry names - especially useful if you copy a QDF and need to rename all entries in a section.

Block Ranking - Extended Facility

Another time saving feature is the ability to begin and end ranking for multiple entries, by using the new [Ranking] tab from the [Block update responses] menu selection.


Analysis Output

When creating and running tables, the default setting for format options RLW and CLW have been increased and format ESS is now set, so if your tables are weighted any statistics calculations will use the effective sample sizes. Formats SMA’+’ and SMB’+’ are also applied, meaning that a plus or minus sign will be used to mark cells that are significantly higher or lower that the total column at the SLA and SLB levels respectively.

The global "Tables overall settings" dialog box, includes a new [Spreadsheet options] button, where you can set on or off many features to further control the spreadsheet output automatically generated when your tables are run.

QPSMR Companion Spreadsheet Options

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A message from QPSMR Director Ros Biggs and her beagle Mario ...

Many thanks to everyone who came along to the Beagle Welfare Treasure Hunt on Sunday - I have received lots of fantastic feedback and it seems that everyone had a great time! To date the event has raised £1,151.79 - plus another £211.50 that was taken on the Beagle Welfare merchandise stall. To all the wonderful organisations, individuals, friends and family who allowed us to use their land, facilities, provided items for the goody bags, vouchers for the raffle and gave up their time to help on the day - THANK YOU ALL!


NEW QPSMR Limited YouTube Demonstration

A new video has just been added to the QPSMR Limited YouTube channel - this one is all about analysis using QPSMR Companion – why not take a look HERE.



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