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NEW QPSMR Companion software available now!

The latest QPSMR Companion version 2018.2, has added analysis. There are many table set up short cuts including "drag and drop" and a new grid table facility. It is a simple process to create whole sets of tables which are automatically formatted and output to your favourite spreadsheet program.

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Also included in this version is a variable [+] button, which means you can easily add together sets of integer (whole number) and/or floating point (weight) entries – see Kat’s Corner Tip 13

For CATI and CAPI surveys there is a new ZZZRANXX entry which allows random sets of questions and/or responses, to repeat the same order.

For more details and other features in QPSMR 2018.2 use the link below.

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Kat’s Corner Tip - just published

Click the picture to see the latest tip about the variable [+] button which allows you to easily add together sets of integer (whole number) and/or floating point (weight) entries.

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