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QPSMR Command Language  QPSMR Command Language

•  Powerful programming language

•  For experienced spec writers



The classic QPSMR Command Language is a powerful system which is automatically invoked by other QPSMR programs each time you run cross tables. It is the power of the Command Language that makes analysis with QPSMR so flexible.

If you are an experienced spec writer, who prefers to use a programming language to control your data processing, rather than making selections from menus and windows, the QPSMR Command Language is for you!

QPSMR Companion also has an add-on CL option which allows the use of a preprocessor to control the production of a Command Language (CL) script.

  Tip: Both QPSMR Companion Insight and the QPSMR Companion Extended programs include CL syntax tables, which allow you to insert Command Language instructions or refer to an entire .STP in your analysis.

                QPSMR Command Language
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