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QPSMR Software  QPSMR Software Suite


QPSMR Companion Insight  QPSMR Companion Insight

QPSMR Companion Insight is suitable for all levels of user who wish to process paper and CAPI surveys quickly and efficiently. This software includes questionnaire set up, data facilities (collection, import, weighting, export) plus analysis; it is an ideal, cost-effective, data processing solution.



   QPSMR CATI Headset

QPSMR Companion  QPSMR Companion Extended

As well as all of the features in the QPSMR Companion Insight version, this program includes extra facilities such as block updates which allow you to add score values and supplemental reject responses to many 100s of entries at the same time and a block paste special facility where sets of questions, filters and variables can be copied, pasted and renamed with all definitions updated - perfect for product tests!


       and QPSMR Telin

QPSMR Companion CATI is especially designed for telephone interviewing. This program, not only includes all of the features from QPSMR Companion Extended software, it provides specialist CATI facilities, such as quota control, sample management and appointments. The classic QPSMR Telin software is used by interviewers to quickly collect CATI data.


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QPSMR Companion Reflect  QPSMR Companion Reflect

QPSMR Companion Reflect is the end user analysis software - ideal for use by clients, executives and project managers, allowing them to produce extra cross tables in a matter of minutes. New variables, filters and statistical tests can easily be included and tables are automatically numbered, formatted and displayed in the user’s favourite spreadsheet program.


QPSMR Companion Input  QPSMR Companion Input

QPSMR Companion Input is available to anyone who wishes to enter data from paper questionnaires or during personal interviewing (CAPI) or at hall tests. Data is entered into a pre-defined questionnaire qpsmrinp file, generated from any full QPSMR Companion program. This is ideal for use by in-house data entry staff, outworkers and companies who specialise in providing a data capture service.


QPSMR Command Language  QPSMR Command Language

The classic QPSMR Command Language (CL) is a specialist system designed for experienced spec writers, who prefer to use a programming language to control their data processing, rather than making selections from menus and windows.

QPSMR Companion also has an add-on CL option which allows the use of a preprocessor to control the production of a Command Language (CL) script.