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QPSMR Companion Insight  QPSMR Companion Extended

•  For paper and CAPI surveys

•  Extends features in QPSMR Companion Insight

•  Block paste special - update 100s of entries simultaneously

•  Block update responses (including Nets), filters and ranking



As well as all of the features in the QPSMR Companion Insight version, this QPSMR Companion Extended program has many extra facilities.

Whole sets of questions, filters and variables can be copied, pasted, renamed and the definitions updated all at the same time, using the block paste special selection. This is ideal for product tests where 100s of entries can be created for subsequent products with just a few clicks!

Responses for sets of questions are also easily manipulated. For example, you could add a "No answer given" supplemental reject response to every question in your survey or add score values that will be used when calculating mean scores and other stats to all relevant questions. The program shows, once only, all of the different response sequences, so you can specify the scores you wish to apply (using Ascending and Descending buttons to further speed the process if appropriate) and with a simple click all will be updated!


Filters and response restrictors can also be changed as a "block"; you can add them to, or remove them from, a number of entries at the same time (including filters applied to individual responses).


Another time saving feature in the QPSMR Companion Extended software is the ability to begin and end ranking for multiple entries simultaneously. For example, you might have a set of entries with 99 responses and you want all of the responses to each entry to be ranked in order (highest to lowest) on your tables, excluding responses 97 Don’t know, 98 Other and 99 None (which should always be positioned at the end of the table regardless).

You can also add summary (Net) rows to your variables (for example, to see Top 2 and Bottom 2 rows in your tables) again many entries can be updated at the same time!

As with QPSMR Companion Insight data can be collected, checked, imported and exported. There is an easy to use respondent weighting procedure, which allows you to allocate weights to individual data records. Weighting can be target, percentage, multi-coded or rim; there is no limit on the number of rims you can include.

Summary reports (topline) are simple to create and the data you collect, or information from almost any other program, can easily be analysed using the powerful cross tabulation system.

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