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QPSMR Companion Reflect  QPSMR Companion Reflect

•  Free download

•  End user analysis - for execs, project managers and clients

•  Powerful cross tables formatted as required

•  Include new filters, variables and statistical tests



QPSMR Companion Reflect is the end user analysis software, available for FREE download. It requires special files (qrfx) which can easily be generated from any full QPSMR Companion program.

QPSMR Companion Reflect is ideal for use by clients, executives and project managers, allowing whole sets of cross tables to be produced in a matter of minutes. Users can create new variables and filters and tables can be formatted as required (including statistics and significance testing if required) and are automatically displayed in a spreadsheet program.

Furthermore it is "safe" - the original questionnaire and project data cannot be altered, so anyone can feel confident using QPSMR Companion Reflect!

And, of course QPSMR Companion Reflect is environmentally friendly as paper copy tables need not be printed, the information can be accessed quickly and easily on-screen.

I'd like to use QPSMR Companion Reflect!

If you’d like to use QPSMR Companion Reflect and have the ability to create extra analysis from your projects, but don’t have the special files needed, simply contact:

QPSMR Bureau on +44 (0)1491 825644 or
email: bureau@qpsmr.ltd.uk.

We will be pleased to supply a quotation for converting your current project files for use with QPSMR Companion Reflect (prices start from just £42) or for processing your complete surveys and providing QPSMR Companion Reflect files free of charge.

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