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QPSMR Companion Data Collection

QPSMR Companion incorporates simple survey set up with a fully controlled, easy-to-use, distributable data collection system.

When using entering data only valid responses may be selected for single or multi response questions and filters can be used to control entry routing, so appropriate questions and responses are displayed. Range checks may also be applied to numeric entries so that only responses within a specified range are accepted and you can temporarily halt data entry if an inappropriate response is entered. For example, if the responses to a number of percentage questions added to a total of more than 100, you could pause data entry and display a suitable message asking for each response to be checked.

To help you collect only relevant information, interviewer instructions (displayed in a coloured box on screen) may be included for telephone and personal surveys (CATI and CAPI). QPSMR also has facilities to randomise questions, sets of questions, and/or responses within your questionnaire.

               QPSMR Companion Data Collection

To make everything run as smoothly as possible, it is possible to specify that text from key questions should be carried forward to other entries. For example, if a question asked "Which brand do you use most often?", when defining your questionnaire you can specify that the brand name chosen is automatically displayed in all following relevant question and response texts, such as "You say you use brand X, …".

QPSMR Companion also has a unique solution to collecting, storing and allocating response codes to verbatim answers and you can specify that text should be stored "as typed", or as "uppercase" or "lowercase" characters, regardless of the way it was entered.

As data is entered QPSMR Companion automatically collects quality control information, including the computer and user numbers, the date, the time and length of interview. This added information is a valuable asset when managing research budgets and planning future projects.

Data can be entered using your mouse to point and click appropriate responses, or you can simply enter response numbers using your keyboard.

QPSMR Companion has many facilities which help you to check the quality of the information collected. Topline summaries of your data can be created at any time; figures, percentages and even counts of reject (catch all) responses can be shown.
  QPSMR Companion boasts an exclusive "merge" facility, which is invaluable when working with continuous surveys and repeat interviews. It also makes cleaning data (force editing), adding information to your data and sorting together data files of different types, extremely easy. Data files can be split, combined or merged as required. This means that projects can easily and accurately be repeated and "part" interviewing is no problem.

Importantly, the same questionnaire may be used as a base for different types of interview. For example, you could send a paper copy questionnaire to a set of respondents, and then copy and modify the survey in order to interview another set of respondents by telephone. With very little work you can transform your original paper questionnaire into a survey designed for telephone interviewing, by including items such as entry randomisation and carry forward text.

With all this control it is "safe" for almost anyone to enter data. So much so, as a QPSMR Companion user, you may create and distribute special files needed by the QPSMR Companion Input program (available for FREE download). QPSMR Companion Input is ideal for use by in-house staff, outworkers and companies who specialise in providing a data capture service.

QPSMR Companion Input may also be installed on devices running Windows - laptops, notebooks, netbooks or tablet PCs - for personal interviewing (CAPI) or for use at hall tests. A preliminary version of QPSMR Companion Input for Android, for use on devices running the Android OS version 6 or above, is also available.

All data is held in an industry standard format and there are many different export options so your data can be output for use with almost any other program, including spreadsheets, desk top publishing and graphics packages, other market research programs and specialised statistical software.

With many of these data exports, questionnaire information is also included. This means that your data is not just output as a file which can be read by the other program, it is exported using the exact format required, along with all entry texts, ready for immediate use.

Data from your surveys can also be exported for use with QPSMR Companion Reflect – the end user analysis software that is available for FREE download.

                  QPSMR Data Entry